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: Landen Hale

The Blackhawks couldn't handle Landen Hale tonight on defense or offensive end . We witnessed greatness tonight as Hale is that type player that will do anything you ask him on the basketball floor. 11 rebounds and 23 points tonight against an game westville blackhawks team. As Hale is one of reasons that hawks have gone out to this outstanding start in this basketball season

Next week the Porter County Conference tournament begins an Mustangs are first step to reclaim the keg back. The hawks want that revenge and championship. Tonight game against westville was an great test since the Blackhawks are back at full strength. Hale step up in this game as big time athlete show out when the games get bigger. After the double double tonight and watching the Tri township tigers win the Kup on girls basketball. We expected Landen to more games like tonight. He has been consistent pieces for this offense and defense all year long. Landen ended up the All Star Autos player of game once again.

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