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Athletes Spotlight: Kyleigh’s Lehiy Double Double adventures

North Judson is an historic Girls Basketball program with many championships in the state tournament over years. Kyleigh is ready to lead her lady Jays to glory once again. Kyleigh Lehiy has made an huge jump forward from her sophomore to her Junior year. Now averaging almost an double double per game 12.2 points per game and 9.7 rebounds per game this season. David Williams athletes month in December.

December 21 against west central Kyleigh had her best stats line of the season 26 points 13 rebounds 10 steals. December 17 against Culver had her overall great stats line 11 points 10 rebounds 9 stats. January 5 against Kankakee Valley double double stats line 14 points rebounds 10 steals 5. January 13 against north Miami double double stats line 12 points 13 rebounds.

Kyleigh has an great future ahead of her in basketball. Lehiy skills and mentality will make an college coach very happy on the next level in two years. Coach Combs has be looking forward to the state tournament. Lehiy has developed into an double double machine. Lehiy is one of the favorites to win January's athlete of the month.

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