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Larry Knowlton Branch

Live Broadcast

Regan's Corner Athlete of the month: 



Jadin O'Brien

Notre Dame 
Track & Field 


EST 2021

  The Larry Knowlton Broadcast Branch was created in honor of my late grandfather. Months before he passed away, we developed the idea to create a platform to interview athletes and give them a voice to share their stories. He was a great role model for me, and my love of sports came from him. Because of this, some of my favorite last memories of him include brainstorming ideas on how I can make our podcast better. As of now, our platform has connected with and interviewed a multitude of Division I athletes across the country, in addition to athletes from JuCo. and D2 schools as well. It’s only fitting to honor my grandfather this way, as he was also a college athlete (a pitcher at Riverside Community College). Additionally, he had professional offers and a full ride to Baylor. Studio 43 that’s what we call a podcast interview side of Regan’s  Corner sports podcast network. 

- Josh Regan, CEO of RCSPN 

David Williams

 athlete of the Year : Landen Hale

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Cheryl Welter Award

Athletes of Year : Kierstin Vargas

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