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Kristina Lynch

Notre Dame Soccer Midfielder


EST 2021

  The Larry Knowlton Broadcast Branch was created in honor of my late grandfather. Months before he passed away, we developed the idea to create a platform to interview athletes and give them a voice to share their stories. He was a great role model for me, and my love of sports came from him. Because of this, some of my favorite last memories of him include brainstorming ideas on how I can make our podcast better. As of now, our platform has connected with and interviewed a multitude of Division I athletes across the country, in addition to athletes from JuCo. and D2 schools as well. It’s only fitting to honor my grandfather this way, as he was also a college athlete (a pitcher at Riverside Community College). Additionally, he had professional offers and a full ride to Baylor. Studio 43 that’s what we call a podcast interview side of Regan’s  Corner sports podcast network. 

- Josh Regan, CEO of RCSPN